Helen Jameson - Mature Courtesan
Birmingham, London, West Midlands

The finer details........

Being part Irish, well (convent) educated with a sense of humour to match and a natural charm you’ll find hard to resist.

Enjoying a healthy lifestyle, as you’ll see equates to a firm and feminine size:10 figure.

Silky smooth skin, with a naturally firm 36C bust. Shapely legs, 5’ 6” tall and smiling hazel eyes. Sure to encourage our warm embrace.

"the lingerie worn underneath would be for our eyes only"

Where choice of clothes are concerned, I have a classic, elegant style.

And were we to meet at your 4/5 star hotel or a gourmet restaurant, I would relish the thought of choosing that certain dress. And lingerie would be tempting in the extreme, french lace or silk ‘For your eyes only’

’Sophisticated on the surface, with a little devil inside’

Helen Jameson 07955 302342