Helen Jameson - Mature Courtesan
Birmingham and London.

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Helen Jameson Mature Courtesan

Enticing Intrigue and Sensual Charm Encouraging Your Natural Senses to Arise……………

07955 302342

I assume that, prior to meeting, you will have received those relevant vaccines against Coronavirus.

And if you’re suffering any symptoms of feeling unwell ie., congestion in your nasal passages or congestion is on your chest, and if you think ‘it’s just a cold’ then I have to say it would be best that you arrange to meet when your ‘cold’ or any other symptoms, that you are suffering, to refrain from meeting. As we all know ‘germs’ do spread and I am steadfast in ensuring I am never in close proximity to anyone with the above symptoms.

Choosing to be exclusive to the mature, age ‘48 plus’ professional gentleman.

Located but not limited to South Birmingham near the Nec. Having the flexibility to travel throughout the U.K

Favourite places: The Cotswolds, Bath, Harrogate, Newcastle, London, Oxford, York, Worcester, Cirencester.

Call: 07955 302342 Email:

‘Sophisticated on the surface, with a little devil inside’ Intriguing charm, unique, classic, sensual, style and much, much more ……………………….

Helen Jameson 07955 302342

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