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So hot

Although we’re all enjoying this, oh so hot sunshine, this really isn’t a weather forecast. But it is to mention that it’s absolutely fine to meet whether it be Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. 

You may not be aware that I do have a life outside of my ‘courtesan world’ and I thoroughly appreciate when you forward plan. 

I find it quite difficult to put into words exactly how relaxed you’ll feel when we do meet. Well here goes, for the time we share, think of the fact that you’ll totally unwind, you’ll not think of your next conference meeting, your next deadline, the fact that you have to juggle so many things, pressures of work, home or both. 

You’ve not prioritised what ‘you’d’ like to do, in such a while, that you’ve forgotten how to relax. 

The time we share, whether it be a dinner-date, overnight or a few days and nights away, you definitely will feel so relaxed that you’ll soon realise how much you’ve missed ‘being you’ The ‘you’ that enjoys unwinding and having fun. 

And yes, I have mentioned before that I’d be more than happy for us to meet at your 4 or 5 star hotel, it can be but does not have to be Birmingham or London unless you’re specifically travelling to those two cities. 

There are wonderful hotels further afield, that would also provide the perfect ambience for our liaison.

The following list is to let you know my ‘type’ of favourite place,  although you may have further suggestions.

Cheshire, York, Harrogate, Worcester and the fantastically English Cotswolds, with it’s serene countryside views. 

If you are likeminded, then I’d be more than happy to meet.

An initial email would be perfect,

or if you’d like to put my voice to my photographs, then a phone call would be great too, if I happen to be otherwise engaged, do leave a message on my voicemail, with a time to call back,  07955 302342.

Did I forget to mention I have a charm you’ll find hard to resist and a sense of humour to match. Apart from a gorgeous, hourglass figure and I’m modest too. lol=lots of love or laugh out loud, the choice is yours.  There you have it and if we are likeminded after you’ve read all about of my scintillating attributes, then do make contact, I’d be more than happy to meet. You’ll be in very capable hands.          Enjoy a fantastic Sunday.                  Very best wishes.                Helen xxxxxxxxx

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