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You may be thinking ‘if Helen mentions Happy New Year, then it’s a tad late. 
Rest assured these wishes are as sincere today, as they would have been on 1st January 2024.
You may also be thinking, why  hasn’t Helen put a new post on her blog for a while. Time tends to fly by, not an excuse but it truly does fly by.

Sincere  blog post hero image

I know that you’re enthusiastic to meet and with the best will in the world ‘best laid plans’ alter due to you being bombarded with an unexpected workload. Or you have family commitments which literally cannot be postponed, I fully understand this.

But…….if I have to postpone and I can only recall one instance whereby I had to postpone. And this leads me to mention,  were you to postpone a dinner-date or an overnight liaison or perhaps a few days and nights away to thoroughly enjoy each others company. Yes, I would definitely miss the opportunity to meet but there is also another aspect, there is the paperwork side of things too.
Taking this into consideration, I will require a deposit for lengthier meetings, as mentioned above.

I’m sure a true gentleman will not hesitate to forward a deposit, of which we would discuss prior to meeting.

Trust and discretion are always paramount.

I’ll repeat, “I wish you a Happy New Year” a year whereby you enjoy good health, good company, much joy and memories that you’ll want to repeat time and again.

Neither of us have a crystal ball but remember……..

‘Some of the best times that will happen in your life, will not be within your schedule’

Happy 2024

Helen xxxxx

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