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So hot

Although we’re all enjoying this, oh so hot sunshine, this really isn’t a weather forecast. But it is to mention that it’s absolutely fine to meet whether it be Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. 

You may not be aware that I do have a life outside of my ‘courtesan world’ and I thoroughly appreciate when you forward plan. 

I find it quite difficult to put into words exactly how relaxed you’ll feel when we do meet. Well here goes, for the time we share, think of the fact that you’ll totally unwind, you’ll not think of your next conference meeting, your next deadline, the fact that you have to juggle so many things, pressures of work, home or both. 

You’ve not prioritised what ‘you’d’ like to do, in such a while, that you’ve forgotten how to relax. 

The time we share, whether it be a dinner-date, overnight or a few days and nights away, you definitely will feel so relaxed that you’ll soon realise how much you’ve missed ‘being you’ The ‘you’ that enjoys unwinding and having fun. 

And yes, I have mentioned before that I’d be more than happy for us to meet at your 4 or 5 star hotel, it can be but does not have to be Birmingham or London unless you’re specifically travelling to those two cities. 

There are wonderful hotels further afield, that would also provide the perfect ambience for our liaison.

The following list is to let you know my ‘type’ of favourite place,  although you may have further suggestions.

Cheshire, York, Harrogate, Worcester and the fantastically English Cotswolds, with it’s serene countryside views. 

If you are likeminded, then I’d be more than happy to meet.

An initial email would be perfect,

or if you’d like to put my voice to my photographs, then a phone call would be great too, if I happen to be otherwise engaged, do leave a message on my voicemail, with a time to call back,  07955 302342.

Did I forget to mention I have a charm you’ll find hard to resist and a sense of humour to match. Apart from a gorgeous, hourglass figure and I’m modest too. lol=lots of love or laugh out loud, the choice is yours.  There you have it and if we are likeminded after you’ve read all about of my scintillating attributes, then do make contact, I’d be more than happy to meet. You’ll be in very capable hands.          Enjoy a fantastic Sunday.                  Very best wishes.                Helen xxxxxxxxx



I’m sure you’d agree, that the news regarding sporting events during March, were awesome to say the least. 1) the recent football match, Scotland 0 vs Northern Ireland 1 and yes, you’re right I’m not a football fan. Then there’s 2) Yet again Ireland win the Six Nations trophy and 3) Ireland had the most horses past the winning post at the Cheltenham Festival. 

Yet, how life can change so quickly, with the awfully sad news that H.R.H Catherine Princess of Wales, has to now battle against. Many, many thousands of people watched the thoughtful, sincere and caring video, that has shocked the nation. 

Our future Queen, who is selfless, caring, always putting her country first, must now take care of herself. And I, like many thousands of people were and are so, so upset to have heard of this, what must be the worst of news .

Not one of us know what’s around the corner, waiting to knock the wind out of our sails, to test our strength and courage. 

Some have already journeyed through those stormy seas, others yet to begin the voyage. 

One thing is for sure, ‘life is precious indeed’ and every day that we wake, we should never take that for granted. 

It will be Easter Sunday in three days time, rest, relax, enjoy every minute.

Remember gratitude, be humble at times, never forget your roots and always, always treat others as you would expect to be treated.


Irish rugby

It’s in full swing, you know what I mean it’s the Six Nations Tournament.

And I’m sure you’re aware  that I’m a keen rugby fan, my favourite team. Mmmmmmm, let me think…….has to be Ireland. And oh my goodness, two matches, won both. Thrashed France and obliterated Italy by a scoreboard of zero to Irelands 36. I agree that it isn’t over until the final but if I were asked who ‘my’ favourite is to win the tournament. Let me think…… I said previously, it has to be Ireland but yes, do watch this space. Is there a team in this years Six Nations that will prove me wrong! 

I know there are some who wouldn’t ever watch a rugby match but do give it a try. In Irelands second match against Italy at the Aviva stadium, the Irish National anthem was sung by an eight year old boy, who sang it with a heartfelt confidence, in front of a 50,000 supporters and you could see the emotion on the faces of each and every Irish player.

This is what rugby is all about. a passion to be the best, to play as a team, to represent their country the best they possibly can and to follow the rules of the game. 

Next matches are on Saturday February 24th and Sunday 25th February.

Helen xx



You may be thinking ‘if Helen mentions Happy New Year, then it’s a tad late. 
Rest assured these wishes are as sincere today, as they would have been on 1st January 2024.
You may also be thinking, why  hasn’t Helen put a new post on her blog for a while. Time tends to fly by, not an excuse but it truly does fly by.


Mercury rising

Hotter and hotter, thank goodness for that. Not sure about you but I thought the winter seemed never ending.

And looking at the date of my previous post on this blog page, I literally cannot believe that it was ‘March’. Yes, that’s almost three months. My how time flies by


Six Nations

Yes, yes I know I’ve mentioned my enthusiasm for Rugby and especially the Six Nations.

And if I literally bore the pants off you with my never ending praise for this great sport, then honestly I hope you enjoy sitting pant-less whilst reading my blog post.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year, hopefully this year holds many, many happy times that are just waiting for you to discover.

Heaven knows we all need ‘happy times’ to look forward to.


Friday Feeling

It’s that Friday feeling……..that’s rolled around and yes I realise I haven’t written a blog for a while. But it doesn’t mean that I’ve disappeared.

I’m still here, in all my glory. Well, doesn’t hurt to blow my own trumpet and before you cheeky gentlemen ask, no I’m not a contortionist 😉


Queen Elizabeth 1926-2022

There are so many words which could describe the reign of Queen Elizabeth but those words which would stand out would be consistent, unwavering, steadfast, positive and yes many more.

Age is but a number, as Her Majesty proved beyond doubt.


Commonwealth Games Birmingham

A Summer of Sport…………. Yes, currently for the ardent horse racing fan, Goodwood Festival is in full swing. Stradivarius gave his best yesterday, but couldn’t quite finish first past the winning post. And he’s not retiring just yet.


Father’s Day

Father’s Day has arrived and with it brings so many  happy memories. Such a happy, loving childhood, that those memories stay with me every single day.


Platinum Jubilee

A time to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee.

The first British monarch to reign over the United Kingdom for 70 years, yes 7 decades.


As summer arrives

As it gets hotter ……… and your thoughts turn to, hopefully much more ‘relaxed times’ during 2022 and beyond and you’re wanting to enjoy that precious window of opportunity, away from your endless Zoom meetings and endlessly working from home. To embrace the freedom to choose who you would like to share your precious leisure time with.


Moving Forward……..

Remiss of me, not to have posted an update until now.

I hope you’re well and rest assured I understand fully the stress you have been going through these last two years and that now we’re looking toward those ‘cautious steps forward’ to once again enjoying quality time together.



Freedom at last, after such a long, long stressful 17 months, but now we can experience the normality that we’ve craved.

I have already added a new blog post to my main website and then thought it about time I added a new post to this blog page.


Mother’s Day

Precious memories of Mother’s unconditional love is always in my heart every minute of every day, which in challenging times keeps me strong when I need it most.


Countdown ..............

Social Distancing.....for now...


Meanwhile, it is still possible for you to call or email, to forward plan.


Helen Jameson 07955 302342