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Mercury rising

Hotter and hotter, thank goodness for that. Not sure about you but I thought the winter seemed never ending.

And looking at the date of my previous post on this blog page, I literally cannot believe that it was ‘March’. Yes, that’s almost three months. My how time flies by

Mercury rising blog post hero image

In those almost three months, there’s been the Kings Coronation. Of which, yes I did shed a tear or two. After all, I am a royalist and a tear came to my eye when Prince William kissed his fathers cheek and pledge his allegiance. And the second time, was that awesome moment, of which there were many but this stood out a tad more so. It was the sight of 4,000 armed forces personnel giving three cheers and saluting King Charles. You could see the emotion and that look of pride in the face of our King, marvellous indeed.

Then of course there has been quite a few brilliant race meetings(horse racing)

With the fantastic Frankie Dettori riding two fabulous winning horses at The Epsom Derby, well done Frankie.

And now thankfully, the sun is well and truly shining.

And I hope you’re enjoying the rays of sunshine whenever you possibly can but don’t forget the sunscreen.

Yes, there’s tanned and toned bodies but remember beauty mainly comes from within.

It’s your genuine sincerity, kind heart and the mind set that says, you will always treat others as you expect to be treated.

Helen xx

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