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Moving Forward……..

Remiss of me, not to have posted an update until now.

I hope you’re well and rest assured I understand fully the stress you have been going through these last two years and that now we’re looking toward those ‘cautious steps forward’ to once again enjoying quality time together.

Moving Forward…….. blog post hero image

Serendipity has of course led you to my website, please do enjoy my gallery and videos. Which you’ll find are tasteful and definitely not explicit. Also, read through the text, as you’ll glean from the info an insight into my character, which is genuine, down to earth and with a good sense of humour, not forgetting oodles of charm you’ll find hard to resist.

So please do make contact via an email and follow up with a phone call to arrange to meet ie., a date/s you prefer and (as I know you’ll prefer quality time) wether you prefer a dinner-date or overnight liaison.

The time is definitely upon us now, when Zoom meetings and working from home, is becoming less and less a part of your working week.

Hence, face to face meetings, events and conferences are becoming much more a part of your day, week or month.

You will have have had the relevant number of vaccines against Covid.

If you feel unwell in any way whatsoever ie., cough, cold, sore throat etc., I have to emphasise that I would not meet.

You’ll see that the finer details of the text on my website, also emphasis that, I am exclusively available to mature, professional, gentleman of 48years plus.

Six Nations Rugby, thankfully this weekend. Yes, I’m a fan of Rugby, Formula 1, horse racing, clay pigeon shooting and hill walking.

Of course, I’d love to hear of your interests, your tastes in music, art, culture, politics and hobbies too. Promise, I’ll not talk politics unless you insist.

Looking forward to your email and or phone call.

07955 302342

Have a great week despite the rain.

Helen xxxxxxxx

Helen Jameson 07955 302342