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Social Distancing.....for now...


Meanwhile, it is still possible for you to call or email, to forward plan.

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What can I say, I can say in all honesty I have never experienced such an awful year as last year 2020 and of course I know I’m not the only one.

But my heart goes out to the many thousands of people who have lost, a sister, brother, Mother, Father, uncle or Aunt.

2021 arrived with yet another Lock Down in place.

You may be thinking ‘why are Helen’s website’s visible on the internet during a pandemic’

Am sure you’re aware my main website is

During the period whilst the vaccine roll out gains momentum and life returns to some sort of normality, you have the opportunity to browse my websites and look forward to the day or evening when it eventually becomes possible to meet.

07955 302342

It is certainly possible to speak at length, (during these trying times) if it were 30 minutes this would be £100 in the knowledge you would feel so much more relaxed after our call than before 😉 This is only available to respectful gentlemen and it is certainly not a tacky experience, as I would prefer this to be for a select few only.

The vaccines are the light at the end of the tunnel and until that light gets much, much brighter I hope you stay safe and well.

Things are dire and I realise not just for me, there are many people who are struggling.

With an Aldi shop every three weeks, knowing the times when those ‘yellow bargain stickers’ are put onto products does help at times.

If and only if you are able to, a deposit prior to meeting possibly in the form of an Amazon E-Code. Please do not gasp in horror, as I would use the amount to only purchase food. I have looked at the Amazon website and there is a ‘Morrison’s’ section.

Apologies for waffling on, but I’m sure you may notice this is the ‘first’ post on my blog and to be frank 2020 really was not a year to post anything at all.

As I said earlier, please do stay safe and well.

I’m so looking forward to meeting when it does become possible and rest assured the protocol I followed prior to March 2020 will be as rigorous if not more so when that day arrives.

But for now:

Stay Home:Protect The NHS:Save Lives

Helen xx

Helen Jameson 07955 302342