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Happy New Year

Happy New Year, hopefully this year holds many, many happy times that are just waiting for you to discover.

Heaven knows we all need ‘happy times’ to look forward to.

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I’ll not launch into all the different reasons why we need those ‘away from it all’ times but I’m sure both you and I already know.

As I enter this text, there are still 362 days left before we begin 2024.

Days and months ahead, we could call the new chapters in our book of life. Don’t panic, I would not even contemplate writing a book. Albeit, would be an extremely interesting and insightful read. As assumptions, I feel, are often made without knowing actual facts. And perhaps sometimes certain people, when browsing my website, assume all sorts of opinions. Were we to meet, you’d discover I will never ask you numerous different questions. We meet for both you and I to first and foremost ‘enjoy’ each others company. And obviously when two consenting adults prefer to enjoy further …………… then the term ‘icing on the cake’ springs to mind. I’m sure you understand, we are adults 😉

The main thing we should think is, we have come through those pandemic years, we survived, just about. And times are still not back to pre Covid and won’t be for quite a while yet but here we are beginning a brand New Year.

I genuinely hope 2023 and beyond will help fulfil your dreams, I hope it will be kind, much kinder than the last three years.

And most of all, that you can always enjoy good health always.

Helen xx

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