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Friday Feeling

It’s that Friday feeling……..that’s rolled around and yes I realise I haven’t written a blog for a while. But it doesn’t mean that I’ve disappeared.

I’m still here, in all my glory. Well, doesn’t hurt to blow my own trumpet and before you cheeky gentlemen ask, no I’m not a contortionist 😉

Friday Feeling blog post hero image

Back to that Friday feeling and you picture yourself putting down that briefcase, which securely encases your overworked Apple Mac Book Air that enables all those hours of Zoom calls and constant emails which tend to ‘have’ to have a response within a short space of time. Or you find yet another email in your inbox, asking why you’ve ‘not yet replied’

You then loosen your tie and undo those many buttons on your crisp, white shirt. Not forgetting the cuff links (yes, there are still gentlemen who wear cuff links)

It’s at this stage you really do want to relax and unwind and not just relax on Friday but any day if the week, after you’ve attended those meetings, driven all those miles and taken all those conference calls.

And I fully understand why you want to relax.

From the outside, perhaps people perceive that you may drive a wonderful car, you’re suited and booted, you have the latest Apple products.

But they don’t see the amount of hours you work. Starting your days at ungodly hours, when everyone else is asleep. You can sometimes never enjoy ‘weekends’ as they’re spent prepping for the following week, month, year.

I do understand all of the above, I understand how important it is for you to ‘switch off’ to ‘let the world tick on by’

So that your batteries are recharged, to be able to deal with any issue that has to be resolved.

Even though I say it myself, apart from having a great sense of humour that would put you at your ease in an instant and also a body to die for(so i’ve been told) I’m also a very good listener.

When we meet, yes, we anticipate our ‘private’ time but there’s also ‘enjoying’ each others company, being flirtatious and tactile but not overly whilst under the public gaze. Discretion is always paramount.

Ah, think I sounded a tad like an advert in that last but one chapter, wasn’t intentional or maybe it was 😉

Many hugs

Helen xx

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