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I’m sure you’d agree, that the news regarding sporting events during March, were awesome to say the least. 1) the recent football match, Scotland 0 vs Northern Ireland 1 and yes, you’re right I’m not a football fan. Then there’s 2) Yet again Ireland win the Six Nations trophy and 3) Ireland had the most horses past the winning post at the Cheltenham Festival. 

Yet, how life can change so quickly, with the awfully sad news that H.R.H Catherine Princess of Wales, has to now battle against. Many, many thousands of people watched the thoughtful, sincere and caring video, that has shocked the nation. 

Our future Queen, who is selfless, caring, always putting her country first, must now take care of herself. And I, like many thousands of people were and are so, so upset to have heard of this, what must be the worst of news .

Not one of us know what’s around the corner, waiting to knock the wind out of our sails, to test our strength and courage. 

Some have already journeyed through those stormy seas, others yet to begin the voyage. 

One thing is for sure, ‘life is precious indeed’ and every day that we wake, we should never take that for granted. 

It will be Easter Sunday in three days time, rest, relax, enjoy every minute.

Remember gratitude, be humble at times, never forget your roots and always, always treat others as you would expect to be treated.

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