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Queen Elizabeth 1926-2022

There are so many words which could describe the reign of Queen Elizabeth but those words which would stand out would be consistent, unwavering, steadfast, positive and yes many more.

Age is but a number, as Her Majesty proved beyond doubt.

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The United Kingdom will enter a new phase but will never forget Queen Elizabeth, who’ll be in our hearts forever.

Everyone knows that ‘time’ is so very precious and we all realise that one’s life will end at some stage. But that knowledge never lessens the hurt that’s felt and the enormous grief when a relative, passes away and you recall the conversation you meant to have and there’s the smile you’ll never see again knowing that they’ll not ‘be there’ for you.

And the Royal Family are no different, Queen Elizabeth was a mother, grand-mother and great grand-mother.

The U.K. mourns along with many countries throughout the world.

All generations will miss Queen Elizabeth.

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