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Freedom at last, after such a long, long stressful 17 months, but now we can experience the normality that we’ve craved.

I have already added a new blog post to my main website and then thought it about time I added a new post to this blog page.

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I wouldn’t want you to think I had disappeared, although I haven’t been available to meet for the last 17 months, I have made sure to stay visible via both of my websites.

It’s been such a long time since we’ve been able to experience normality, to be able to meet, to enjoy each other’s company.

Yet, it’s given you the opportunity to browse the details you’ve needed to plan ahead to actually meet ‘face to face’ away from those zoom meetings and to forget the stress.

That time is from now onwards and it is an understatement to say I’d be happy to discuss availability.

And my goodness we certainly need to relax after such an awful 17 months.

I’d assume you’ll have had two jabs of a relevant vaccine prior to meeting.

Although, I mention Birmingham on both my websites I’m able to travel nearer to your part of the U.K. for the relaxed overnight option. The Cotswolds, Cirencester, Oxford, Newcastle, Harrogate and York are all favourite destinations(they certainly were prior to March 2020)

What more is there to say, life certainly hasn’t been kind to many, many people. Thankfully you and I are still here, alive and well.

But will you use you’re window of opportunity that will surely arise, to actually pick up the phone or send an email to arrange to meet, or will you keep hesitating.

The pandemic must have taught us a huge lesson ‘ seize the day ‘ as no one knows what is around that corner.

Look forward to your call 07955 302342

or email

Helen xx

Helen Jameson 07955 302342